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This site is to demonstrate the ease of use, flexiblity and speed of our Content Management System Workstation. The content of the News and Products pages is irrelevant and may even change while you are viewing, as we could be showing someone how to use the CMS Workstation to:
  • convert formatted Word or Excel files into web page.
  • publish them as web pages whenever they want.
  • build their own online email Response Forms.
  • automatically add or amend site navigation links.
  • use the sortable Email List Management system
  • export their online contact database to Excel
  • create HTML Emails with the Workstation

There are only two pages on this site NOT made with our CMS Workstation, this Home page and the News Subscription Form.

For a monthly update of the latest evolving news and great offers, delivered dynamically online, to subscribe today.

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