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We have upgraded the security system on the IAF website.


If you have difficulty logging into the Members Only area, please check the following list of possible problems and solutions:


1. Old web browsers.

2. Browser setting problems.

3. Use of an apostrophe in email addresses.


1. Old Browsers

Old browsers (eg. Netscape ver. 4 or Explorer 4) cannot accommodate the levels of security that are now essential on the Internet. You will need to install an up-to-date web browser to be able to access the secure area of the IAF website.


To obtain a replacement browser, you can download the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Microsoft website.


2. Browser Settings

If you have a recent web browser, then the problem could be your privacy or Java settings. To access the IAF Members Only area your browser must accept "cookies". If your browser is set to reject "cookies" then you will not be able to login.


PC Users

To check your Internet Explorer settings, select "Tools" then "Internet Options" from the menu bar at the top of your browser window. In the Internet Options window, select the tab labelled "Privacy". This contains a slide bar that enables you to accept or reject cookies.


Apple MacIntosh Users

In the Explorer browser for MacIntosh there is a security setting in the Options menu: "restrict access to non-java class files". This setting is enabled by default. You must disable this setting and see if you can access the site.


3. Apostrophes in Email Addresses

Most web servers will automatically insert a backslash (\) in front of an apostrophe in an email address if it is entered in a database.


The IAF web server is no different. If your email address contains an apostrophe when you applied for access to the Members Only area, the system will have sent the confirmation email to an address that includes " \' " instead of just the apostrophe. Even if access is approved with the apostrophe, you will not be able to use the "Forgot Password" function as the system will identify you as ….\'….@…..


Most system administrators will not permit the use of apostrophes in email addresses because of the problems they can encounter on the Internet. We suggest that you get your system administrator to set up an email address for you that does not include an apostrophe, and then use this email address when applying for access to the Members Only area.


If you still have problems logging-in to the secure areas, please email our webmaster, for assistance.

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