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Conferences 2013

iM3 is proud to support our local and international veterinary markets, and we will be attending the following conferences this year. Visit the iM3 Booth and take advantage of our conference specials.

Contact iM3 for dental workshops planned in 2013.


USA & Canadian Conferences 2013
Dental Lab
NAVC - North American Veterinary Conference January 19-24,  2013 Orlando, FL iM3 Booth  Y
OVMA - Ontario Veterinary Medical Association January  Toronto, Ontario, Canada iM3 Booth  
WVC - Western Veterinary Conference February 17-21,  2013 Las Vegas, NV iM3 Booth Y
AAHA - American Animal Hospital Association March  Denver, CO iM3 Booth  
AMVQ - Academie de Medicine Veterinaire April  Quebec, Canada iM3 Booth  
CVC East - Washington DC April  Washington DC

iM3 Booth

AVMA - American Veterinary Medical Association August  San Diego, CA iM3 Booth  
CVC Central - Kansas City August  Kansas City, MO iM3 Booth  
CanWest Veterinary Conference October 19-22  Banff, Alberta, Canada Serona AH  
VDF - Veterinary Dental Forum October 3-6, 2013 New Orleans, USA iM3 Booth Y
CVC West - San Diego Oct 31- Nov 3  San Diego, CA iM3 Booth  
Australian & International Conferences 2013
        Dental Lab
WSAVA - World Small Animal Veterinary Association March 5-9, 2013  Auckland, NZ iM3 Booth Y
HKVA - Radiology & Dental workshop  March 14, 2013 Central HK iM3 & AVM Y
PT. Mega Utama Medica, Jakarta, Indonesia March 16-17, 2013 Bogor institute of farming iM3 Y
BSAVA - British Small Animal Veterinary Association April 3-7, 2013 Birmingham, UK Kruuse Booth  
Voorjaarsdagen International Veterinary Conference April 18-20, 2013 Amsterdam, Holland UD vet Booth  
EVDS - European Veterinary Dental Society May 23-26, 2013 Prague iM3/Kruuse Y
AVA - Australian Veterinary Association May 26-31, 2013 Cairns, Australia iM3 Booth


Vet Science week

July 11-13, 2013 Gold Coast, Australia iM3 Booth  
ASAVA - Australian S.A. Veterinary Association August 19-23, 2013 Gold Coast, Australia iM3 Booth Y
Beijing Veterinary Conference September  Beijing, China Vital Beijing  
SEVC - South European veterinary Conference October  Barcelona Kruuse Booth  
VDF - Veterinary Dental Forum October 3-6, 2013 New Orleans, USA iM3 Booth Y






Contacty iM3 for further details on Local dental wetlabs.

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CR7 Digital Dental X-ray

The new CR 7 Vet advanced Digital X-Ray Imaging for dentistry. The CR 7 was developed specifically for veterinary dental x-ray diagnosis. ...more

NEW Table Top Rabbit mouth Gag

The TTMG was designed by iM3 with the help of Exoctic specialists to hold the anaesthetised rabbit or rodent in the best possible position for examination and treatme ...more

NEW healthymouth - water additive

99% of clients will not brush their pet's teeth. Every pet drinks water daily.

What could be easier than healthymouth? Clinically proven to reduce plaque that leads to gum disease ...more

NEW 2013 iM3 Dental Product & Digital Dental X-ray Catalogue

iM3 has launched new and exciting dental products in 2013. Click on the new catalogue to view our new range of dental Luxators, long cheek dilators and the new affordable table top mouth gag for rabbits with heater pad. ...more

NEW Leporidae Skull Model

The new im3 rabbit skull model comes complete with an EDU card showing the location of the Nasolacrimal duct. ...more

Conferences iM3 will be attending in 2013
iM3 is proud to support our local and international veterinary markets ...more