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99% of clients will not brush their pet’s teeth.

Every pet drinks water daily.

What could be easier than healthymouth?

  • Clinically proven, 7 Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC®) Seals of Acceptance. No other company has been awarded 7 VOHC® Seals.
  •  Plaque reduction: Dogs on average 74.3% and Cats on average 81.75%
  •  Safe for pets to ingest; NO xylitol, alcohol, artificial or synthetic ingredients, sugar, fat or calories. 100% human grade natural and organic ingredients.
  • 97% owner compliance > 4 years! Simply add to drinking water, intended for dogs and cats to consume daily and for their lifetime.
  • healthymouth™ is to be started directly after a professional prophylaxis; sent home with every patient as part of a comprehensive dental care program. Also can be used by pets with other health or weight issues, puppies and kittens, even full mouth extractions.
  • 100% return policy.
  • Veterinary Exclusive — not available in pet shops.
  • healthymouth’s pet owner education program will enable your clinic to increase its # of preventative dentals year round. Patients, owners and your veterinary practice all benefit from healthymouth™.
  • Clinical and technical support offered by HealthyMouth’s esteemed Dental Product Advocates, three of Australia’s leading veterinarians; Dr. Anthony Caiafa, BVSc BDSc MANZCVS (QLD), Dr. Christine Hawke, BVSc MANZCVS (NSW) and Dr. Rod Salter, BVSc MANZCVS (VIC) (Product Advocates receive no financial rewards for their role or recommendation of healthymouth™ products.)
  • Manufactured and distributed in Australia by iM3 Pty Ltd. healthymouth™ is the leading home dental care product developed in the USA and recommended by Boarded Veterinary Dental Specialists worldwide.

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healthymouth is available from iM3 Pty Ltd in Australia.


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99% of clients will not brush their pet's teeth. Every pet drinks water daily.

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