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Advantage Low and High Speed Dental handpieces with LED light

The New range of iM3 Advantage Dental handpieces offer the ability to have self generating (no electricity needed) LED lights in both the high and low speed handpieces. the handpieces have been designed to fit most air driven dental machines - Upgrade

CLS solution

CLS 250ml concentrate is a unique dental cutting solution that is designed to freshen the animal breath and reduce bur cutting time. Can be used in any dental machine, contains Chlorhexidine

Dental Stool - New from iM3
This ergonomically designed work seat incorporates rotating lumbar support 'ring' backrest to minimize fatigue and discomfort while performing dental work.

iC Plaque - Plaque indicating Swabs - Selling Veterinary Dentistry!
Use the iM3 iC Plaque indicating swabs to paint a picture of the animals mouth. Show the owner that plaque is present on the teeth and Gums and schedule the dental!

iM3 Autoclavable Dental Burs & Bur Kits
4 iM3 Bur Kits - every Bur selected by a specialist Veterinary Dentist, high quality made in Germany

iM3 Clear Rabbit, Feline and Canine Dental Models
The new iM3 rabbit, canine and feline clear dental models take the guesswork out of veterinary dentistry!

iM3 Instrument Trays

Completely autoclavable, the iM3 instrument trays are affordable & functional.

iM3 Prophy Paste

iClean prophy paste has been formulated for use with Rock & Roll oscillating prophy angles. New Splatter free, available with and without fluoride and flavour oils.

iM3 Wedge Dental Sharpening Stone
Instruments should be kept sharp and true to their original design.  Dental procedures are most effective when using sharp instruments

R&R Blue Oscillating Disposable Prophy Head
iM3 R&R Prophy heads with snap-on cups are made to iM3 specifications and will out last standard oscillating disposable prophy heads

Rabbit & Rodent Soft Tissue Protector and Diamond Disc Safety Shield
The iM3 Rabbit and Rodent soft tissue kit (Diamond disc, long 60mm diamond bur and soft tissue protectors) is designed to make dentistry easy at a fraction of the price of conventional systems.

Safety Glasses
Designed for comfort, these Anti fog lightweight safety glasses help protect the delicate eye area from splashes & debris during dentals.

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iM3 Inc. USA and iM3 Pty Ltd, Australia

iM3 manufactures supplies and services a wide range of professional veterinary dental equipment and instruments for canine, feline, rabbit, rodent oral surgery and veterinary dentistry. We are also distributors/manufacturers of clippers, air driers and other dog, cat and pet grooming products.

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CR7 Digital Dental X-ray

The new CR 7 Vet advanced Digital X-Ray Imaging for dentistry. The CR 7 was developed specifically for veterinary dental x-ray diagnosis. ...more

NEW Table Top Rabbit mouth Gag

The TTMG was designed by iM3 with the help of Exoctic specialists to hold the anaesthetised rabbit or rodent in the best possible position for examination and treatme ...more

NEW healthymouth - water additive

99% of clients will not brush their pet's teeth. Every pet drinks water daily.

What could be easier than healthymouth? Clinically proven to reduce plaque that leads to gum disease ...more

NEW 2013 iM3 Dental Product & Digital Dental X-ray Catalogue

iM3 has launched new and exciting dental products in 2013. Click on the new catalogue to view our new range of dental Luxators, long cheek dilators and the new affordable table top mouth gag for rabbits with heater pad. ...more

NEW Leporidae Skull Model

The new im3 rabbit skull model comes complete with an EDU card showing the location of the Nasolacrimal duct. ...more

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